Welcome to Set Up My ClinCheck

A ClinCheck Concierge Service
by Dr. Nicole Clemente

is your Virtual Orthodontist for your Dental Practice. 

Do you need help setting up your Invisalign ClinChecks?  
I have treated over 8000  Invisalign patients in my private practice (and counting).
Have your ClinCheck set up by a Diamond Plus Provider today!

ClinCheck help

Why use SetUpMyClinCheck?

-To increase your profitability with Invisalign
-To have your patient treated by an Invisalign expert
-To feel confident treating Invisalign cases
-To cut down on Refinements or Additional Aligners
-To save time on treatment planning Invisalign cases

About Me

I maintain a Private Orthodontic Practice in Northern, NJ where I have been using Invisalign since 2003.

My set ups are extremely predictable and I use very few attachments.

If you would like to add Invisalign to your practice, contact me today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Invisalign cases setup?

Cases will be set up on your Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS).

What are the rates of your services?

A full case set up is $250 (including all modifications).

What if I’m not sure a particular case is a good fit for me?

Not to worry. Dr. Nicole Clemente would never let you start a case you couldn’t handle!

How can I submit payment?

You can submit payment through PayPal or Venmo. 

Are Refinements included ?

Refinements are not included and are billed according to  case complexity.  Most clients report that a refinement is not needed because the teeth track so well with the initial series.

Will I need to apply the modifications? What if I do not know how?

Dr. Nicole Clemente will fully set up your ClinCheck for you. All you need to do is hand out the aligners!

ClinCheck Set Up